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January 25, 2010


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Wayne D

Hi Mark, nice read. Not to hijack the topic but Google's sweet spot is advertising and they are moving fast to where the web is going: your phone. "Personal" computers in the form of desktops and laptops are becoming a relic of the past. With cloud computing you don't need a hard drive, and 1G processors have enough power to do 95% of what you want to do. Android is poised to become the smartphone standard which puts Google in the driver's seat for their sweet spot, which is advertising.

To see the future, go to a local McDonald's and watch a group of teenagers. Their phones are out, and they're texting, twittering, updating their facebook pages and game playing. They barely talk to each other but they are all connected. This is great for the social networks but with Google running Android you can be sure they are shaping the experience and poised to benefit from it.

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